Hello All,
I did not know what God was going to do in Russia. I just wanted to be obedient to his command. Go to all the nations and preach the Gospel. I also thought it to be very cool to stand in Moscow, especially since the cold war has ended and I was in the Military at that time in the cold war, protecting Germany from Russia, for four years. After arriving in Kirov the first day and meeting the people, that night I wept before the Lord. I wept because of all the lies I had been told about Russia. (military propaganda). I also wept because the people were so friendly and wanting to hear about our Lord.
Then next morning I wept for the Russian People. God heard my cry and gave me a prophetic psalm and opened it before my eyes. The Psalm above. Later that night after the Concert, God allowed me to be a part of praying with two young men to receive Jesus. After the end of the night, I went back to my room, I began to cry and ache, how could God use me, a sinner, and so unworthy to be a part of such a great miraculous work of God? I still don’t understand it, But I trust that God knows why He allows it.
The next day God was giving me the vision for what He wanted me to do. God wanted me to seek out the young men. He wanted me to stay away from the women (due to my weakness and being married, but also because that first night of the concert was filled with about 85% women). I submitted to God’s will and He blessed me with the ability to bond with the young men. I was amazed at the talents and gifts God gave me to do this. (The Lingo, the understanding and boldness). From then on inviting the young men for the concerts was my objective during the day for outreach. That night at the concert I got to talk only with a few people, I did not have an opportunity to pray with anyone. I think it was ok. God’s timing not mine.
The next day I asked for God to continue to break my Heart for Russia, Of course God did it. I sobbed and asked for His heart for the Russian People. I went out to the schools that day and again, it was awesome to see the work of God. That night at the concert, I was talking with a few outside, one guy from Peru and his buddy, I was sharing the Lord, but, I had to stop due to the disagreements and the possibility of their hearts becoming too hardened. After the message and the music, I got to speak with Vova and his brother Sergey. I asked if they understood the message. They said yes and I asked if they wanted to have Jesus in their heart. Vova replied yes and I then asked Sergey and he replied yes. I then prayed with them and then was able to disciple them a little. Seek God, by praying to Him, Reading His word daily. Worship God and go to church to have fellowship with other believers. This was the crucial part of my mission and it was the foundation God was planting. After praying with these two, God lead me to Egor and Alex who were outside as the building was being emptied. I had met them on the first night and had talked with them a little on both nights and had gained their trust. I asked Egor if he understood the message, he replied “yes”. I then asked if he wanted Jesus in his heart? He said yes. I prayed with Egor right there on the steps, and He received the Lord. We walked towards the streetcar as I discipled him as much as possibly on his new life. We stopped at the streetcar stop, I noticed Alex looking a little perplexed, I asked him if he knew Jesus. He said “Yes”. I then asked if Jesus was in his heart. He replied I don’t know with His head making the universal no gesture. I asked him if He wanted to receive Jesus in his heart? He replied, Yes. I prayed and then discipled them and talked all the way to the Hotel and spent a lot of time with them and In vited them to church tomorrow, which was Sunday, It was awesome, Vova, Alex and Egor came for Church that Sunday. I asked Vova  where his brother was and he said He had to work at the Garden. After church we were going to go out to get some coffee. We got the coffee and was going to go to a shop. Misha from Moscow said “ I see some skaters who wants to go to the square with me?” I replied I’m there. I let Egor and Alex know that I had been called to Russia to do the work of an evangelist and I was going to have to go, but told them they would have fun with the other guys and I would see them at the concert that night. Misha and I then got of the Trolley and headed to the square. Misha put on some skates and was skating with the young kids there ministering to them as I was passing out the concert tickets to the guys walking by. I met Nakita there at the square and talked with him and invited him to the concert. Later that night He and his friend Dennis would be prayed into the Kingdom (God is Awesome). I was continuing to pass out the concert tickets to the guys only when a woman walked by and passed about 10 feet ahead and turned around to come back towards me. I walked about three steps forward to meet with her. She asked “are you an American”. Yes, I replied. She asked “ what are you doing here in Kirov?” I told her
I came to meet the Russian people and to learn their culture. She said “Oh really” I said Yes. She then said “I am on TV”. I said the first thing that popped into my head, ‘the news’. She said “yes”. I said cool, well if you like rock music come see our concert. She said “ok” and then “goodbye”. I verified she was on the news with one of our guides from Kirov. The last night she had a news team out there at our concert. I hope that all went well with the airing of the show.
The last day and night of the concerts.  I was having a hard day, the guys I came into contact on the street were not interested in the concerts. A few of them even told me “no Jesus”. I was getting very discouraged very quickly. I asked God why am I hitting this opposition and would He lead me to those that were hungry. We went to the classes, it was ok, but I still wanted to reach more in the streets. I was stumbling hard. I asked God for His People that He had called me to. I talked with a few people who were interested. I realized that it was an attack from the enemy, but I still was bothered that the enemy was so strong. We finished the classes and were heading to the dinning hall. I stayed outside handing out the tickets to a select few and watching the Russian People walk by and wonder what they were thinking about us and what we were doing in Kirov. I then went to read and pray to God and seek what He might have for me. I was not hearing Him or feeling the leading of the Spirit. I was staggering a bit. I went into the restaurant to get some water. I was trying not to be noticed. I got to the water and started to drink when I hear this familiar voice, “How are you doing Mike?” It was Pastor Rodger. I did not want anyone to know how badly I was feeling and so I said, hmmm…ok. Rodger quickly responded “No you’re not, come here”. I walked a couple of steps towards him and he towards me and He grabbed me by the neck and drew me near and prayed for me. I thanked him and quickly my countenance began to change. I went back outside and passed out more tickets with the joy of the Lord upon me. We then walked to the concert hall passing out tickets along the way. Then it was God’s time. I was asking for God to use me and He was about to come upon me stronger than I had felt him before. I had been under the anointing power of God before. I was familiar with the Spirit of God upon me. I was praying with the people who were coming out of the concert hall who did not want to stay in and hear the message. Many received Christ that night. I remember as I was praying with a few of them that there were times that I was not present. God’s power was so strong I did not use my strength, only His strength. There was a period of time which I am unsure of the length, in which I don’t remember. Maybe, 20 minutes to 45 minutes. The last thing I do remember was praying for a couple of guys to receive Christ without an interpreter. I don’t know, but I can only guess, that maybe God used me to speak to them in their language or He was hiding His glory from me. I am not concerned either way…. I know Jesus was at work, to build His Kingdom.

 I had the privilege to meet Egor and Alex (who likes to be called Sanya) on the very first night in Kirov. On the Third Night I got to be a part of praying with them to become a citizen of Heaven. I spent some good time with my new brothers in Christ. They came to our Sunday Service and afterward we went out had coffee and dinner together and hung out a bit. Then on the last day that we were in Kirov, I spent it with them and there 2 friends. I went out with them all around there city. Just them, me and of course Our God (Jesus). I had told them to take me wherever they wanted, I wanted them to know it was the time that I enjoyed spending with them not just sight seeing and scenery (This is the Truth these young men were great). We visited a Russian Orthodox Church in their town that has similar beliefs as the Catholic Church. Outside the Church I had a great time teaching them about how the old Levitical law and sacrifice is done away with and now we have our high Priest Jesus and how He paid the ransom for our sin. All the way through Baptism. Shared my Testimony. I must have taught a good hour outside that church. And the Best thing is…. Is that they enjoyed every word I spoke. That is amazing! If you don’t believe that….. Ask my wife… she’ll definitely agree that was a true miracle. ( HA  HA HA).
I knew it was going to be hard to leave my brothers that day… and throughout the day I would think I have to leave and my heart would ache and my lip would quiver. But I knew I had to keep praying that God would ease the sorrow and that His work would continue unhindered by my emotions.
I knew we had a bond together when it was getting late and I was telling them I had to be back at 5pm. They would then say “we need to hurry then” and we would walk to the next area or site they wanted me to see and share with them in there culture and heart.
Finally, it was a quarter to 5 pm and I said "I don’t recognize anything around here". Are we close to the Hotel? I really need to be back there by 5 pm. They looked at me very serious and said “We are not going to take you back” My eyes widened and they saw that and said “Shujuk” (Joke) I sighed with relief and said I would love to stay here but I have a wife and son and commitments in the United States. I then told them that if they wanted me back here soon that they would need to pray hard that God would provide the way. I was about 35 minutes late getting back, but God was awesome everything worked out.
Well, I thank God for His strength; I felt I had lived 3 months in Russia in a matter of (10 days). The work,  The people I met, The conversions I got to be a part of,  The teaching from God, The Worship and last but not least the Vision Of God (Priceless).
(All Priceless)

God is Awesome
Thank you YBIC
Mike Chapman
P.S. Throughout our stay in Kirov, God blessed me in so many ways. I can only say, I believe God’s Plan for me, for that trip was fulfilled almost completely. It would have been completely, but I am only a man (sinner) trying to be obedient and constantly falling short.